The Movement

May 3, 2018 Blog

About The Movement

This is a nameless faceless Revolution:  Share this with your area of influence. This is non-violent prayer! President Donald Trump has asked the American People for a list of demands to deliver to Congress.  So here they are. This is not an anti-Trump or pro-trump Rally.  Please don’t throw any stones; provocateurs won’t be tolerated. If any tension arises drop to your knees, hold hands and pray.  If anyone is arrested, peacefully assemble outside the jails and pray.

How To Help

All actions are non-violent prayers.  We are intending to raise awareness on multiple issues and bringing people together from both sides of the aisle.  Start by cleaning up your neighborhood. Wear uniforms to work, school, concerts, and events, armed with petitions and trash bags. First Friday of every month meet at your state capitol or city hall to network with other Revolutionaries on a state level.  First weekend of every month organize a citywide clean up.  Make it a competition and see what team cleans up the most trash.  If your towns clean go help another city. Recycling funds goto help support: shelters, drug rehabs and reentry programs.

Other Ways To Help

Hand deliver and send petitions to the media. Go to business districts and the local chamber of commerce and request they read this while you clean their parking lot.  If you support the cause, hang this up and start getting signatures. Post Let My People Goinside and outside and we will encourage everyone to come sign petitions and shop small @ your business.

Meet at pharmacies to demand an end to the Drug War and Opioid Epidemic.  We are trying to get pharmacies to warn customers if they are handing out a highly addictive drugs or drugs that cause suicidal tendencies.  They are already doing this with the receipt they give their customers. However most people don’t read this. We are also asking them to share our Sobriety Network website to there customers so people can find help.  We are also asking people to lock up there guns if they or there children are on on any of these type of drugs. I’ve heard most of the school shooters were on some kind of heavy pharmaceutical drugs. I really feel like this side of the story is getting overlooked.  This is something individuals and businesses can do on their own and it doesn’t require any kind of legislation.

Schools organize a nationwide huddle up/moment of silence at sporting events of all levels. Teams are protesting the national anthem; let’s come together to create social change and help end mass incarceration. What if we major sporti

Gather in front of jails and pray for the captives to be set free.  The US has more people in jail than any other county, with victims of the drug war, sex trafficking, homelessness, mentally ill, all at the taxpayers expense.   We have privatized our prisons into a for-profit business.  Watch 13th on Netflix, Read Acts 16:16-40, Exodus and The New Jim Crow.

Gather in city parks to help the houseless.  Laws are being passed making homelessness illegal: no panhandling, camping and even feeding them.  Visit homeless shelters and get them involved. Discuss starting a camp, farm or shelter in your town. These places could provide reentry, drug rehabs, GED, job training.  Jobs not Jails!

Revolution Road Show

Revolution Road Show live music events, giving 3rd party candidates a voice, hosting debates on controversial issues, and raising awareness of social injustices and non biased news.  Help us find our next president and third party candidates in your state! Start video taping and posting all your actions /LetMyPeople Go.  We will use videos in a future show.

Let My People Go is an LLC.  We will eventually be a non profit/media who will be able to address political issues.  Please give cash donations to prisoners cleaning up your community. They are volunteering and donations are appreciated.  They are not tax deductible. This initiative is also about creating jobs. We are trying to encourage cities to start hiring the homeless to clean up their communities.  Please give money to agencies in your community trying to help addicts, re-entry programs, homeless shelters and advocates.

We are still working on our petitions and legislation on a new drug bill,  If you are interested in helping write this legislation please come participate in some of the upcoming actions.  Some of the ideas we are looking at are: lowering the drinking age to 18. If you can die for your country or be tried as an adult why cant you have a beer.  Legalize and decriminalize marijuana and other drugs as well. So in order to be able to attain and use these drugs you would have to attend a class. This class would educate you on the positives and negatives from many different perspectives.  You would hear testimonies of dui’s and how drug addiction has hurt so many lives. Hypothetically this class would cost a $100.00 if you couldn’t afford this class you could volunteer in your community picking up trash of helping out in some other way.  The money from this class would go towards free cab rides home, drug and alcohol treatment and reentry programs.

If you would to organize a clean up in Alabama or around the country post the location, date and time on our facebook page Let My People Go.

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